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Unraveling Personality Disorder

imagesMiss M was admitted in Tulasi with the chief complaints of increased consumption of drugs, aggressive, violent behavior, verbally abusive, mood fluctuations, making big claims, over demanding, keeping everything in a symmetrical manner. So the story starts- Something was different about Miss M since childhood. She was an o
ver pampered child of her father, she was a brilliant student, who had been holding first rank in her class, always a topper. Once she got second rank because she fell ill before exams so she couldn’t prepare much, she threw tantrums at home after her result was out. Family tried to make her understand but she didn’t agree with them. After some years during her teenage, she used to take too much time in getting ready for school because she wants her ponytail to perfect at the center of the head, family observed that she used to keep things in her room in a specific manner, if anybody touched her belongings she used to create a scene, basically she wanted everything to be perfect. At that point of time family didn’t pay much attention, they thought she was like that only. When she was 18, she became interested in modelling. She participated in a beauty pageant in her state, where she couldn’t win the main title. She again created a scene there that the result was wrong, it was partial. After completing 10+2, she came to Delhi for higher studies, and got admission in a prestigious university of Delhi. She had some photo shoots there and continued with modelling. Life was good for her. Once her model friend introduced her to a thing, which looked like a powder,

what was that?

It was drug, she tried it just for an experiment that day. But later it became an important thing for her, she used to attend class and go to modelling sessions in an intoxicated state. She used to consume it the whole day. Family was unaware of what was happening with her, but when she started to ask for extra money, her parents asked her that why did she need extra money. she manipulated them that she had joined some classes but the reality was she needed money to buy more and more drugs. She stopped attending classes, left exams, she used to go for modelling sessions. A big fashion show was there and she decided to perform. So the day came, if she was selected she could become a super model. The results were out, she couldn’t perform well because she didn’t practice much. She was feeling devastated, she came home that day, isolated herself for one week. Her father came to Delhi to see her, he didn’t know what happened  a week back, he didn’t find her at her flat, then where was Miss M???? He got to know from her friend that she might be in studio, he went there to find her out, and there people told him that she was in police station. Her father was not able to understand the whole situation, he reached police station, he was shocked to see her daughter, she was shabbily dressed, intoxicated, verbally abusive, violent and aggressive, five female cops were holding her, some models were also there. The police told her father that she went to the studio and damaged the things there and hit many models and constantly saying that she was an astronaut, she was in army, she had 2 crores in her account and she would not spare anyone. Police suggested to take her to some psychiatrist. Her father immediately searched for some rehabs and got to know about Tulasi. He admitted her. Professionals explored her history and diagnosed her with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder with Bipolar Affective Disorder current episode mania with psychotic symptoms comorbid Cannabinoids Dependence. Her personality disorders lead her to the un- manageability in life and she became more vulnerable to drug abuse which induced her psychosis. In the next article we will explain more about co-morbidity with personality disorder.

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