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Why drug abuse is more dangerous for teenagers???

imagesIn the previous article you went through Mr. B’s story, who started taking substance (alcohol/drugs) at a very early age. Now we will go through some facts that why drug abuse is more dangerous for teenagers.

First of all you need to know that why do they indulge easily in abusing drugs-?

  • Feeling of “Grown up”-

Mother (to son) – You can’t come home late. No late night parties.the-teen-brain-8-728

Son (to mother) – Mom, I am “grown up”, I can do whatever I feel like.

It is a most common phrase used by teenagers. They want to try everything which gives them a feeling of freedom, drugs or alcohol is the main.

  • Peer pressure-

Sometimes teenagers become fearful that if they do not participate, their friends will not find them as “cool” or as a part of the group.

  • Experimenting / Curiosity-

“I will try it once, I just want to see how does it feel!” Another phrase, this one time of experiment may end up with rehabs or death.

  • Emotional struggles-

Mostly they take drugs when they are in stress, pressure of studies, competition or break ups, there has always been a desire to escape from the feeling of sadness, low self-esteem etc.

Now here are five reasons why drug abuse is more dangerous for youths-

  1. Damage to the developing brain-

The brain actively develops during adolescence, the prefrontal cortex and limbic system which serves cognitive, behavioural and emotional regulation may become vulnerable to adverse effects of drugs.

  1. Long – term health risk-

The longer young bodies are subjected to drugs, the more likely they will eventually experience cardiovascular disease, dementia, cancer and even mental illness because young bodies are not ready to handle the challenges substance.

  1. Behavioural health risk-

According to NCADD, under the influence of drugs every year approximately 5,000 young people die because of overdose of drugs, motor vehicle crashes, 1,600 as a result of homicides, 300 suicide, and about 100, 000 young people are victims of sexual assault or date rape.

  1. Risk of addiction-

Teenagers are more likely to develop dependence on drugs due to the structure and function of adolescence brain, the young brain craves more new experiences.


  1. Social development-

The foundation of successful relationships and career is laid during young age. If this period is used for indulging in drugs, they can miss the important milestones of their life.



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