Mental Health Assessment Tests

online screening is one of the fastest & easiest way to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health conditions. After mental health testing, you can consult with Dr. Gorav Gupta.

Test your Mental Health Wellbeing


This tool can help an individual reflect on their mental health and behaviors. Each question can be answered on a scale, for example, from 0 to 4, where:

  • 0 = Not at all
  • 1 = Rarely
  • 2 = Sometimes
  • 3 = Often
  • 4 = Very often

Below is how each question can be adapted to fit into a grading scale format. This scale is for self-reflection or a general assessment and is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or evaluation.

    Mental Health Self-Assessment Scale
    1. General Mental Health
    How would you rate your overall mental health?

    2. Sleep, Appetite, and Libido
    How often do you experience problems with your sleep, appetite, or libido?

    3. Mood
    How often do you experience mood swings or feel that your mood is not stable?

    4. Socialization and Social Interaction
    How satisfied are you with your level of socialization and social interactions?

    5. Feelings of Fear or Insecurity
    How often do you feel fearful or insecure, as if someone might be talking about you?

    6. Anxiety and Avoidance
    How often do you feel anxious or avoid doing things that most people do normally?

    7. Repetitive Behaviors
    How often do you find yourself doing things repeatedly or checking things repeatedly against your wishes?

    8. Feeling Misfit
    How often do you feel like a misfit in society or in the current scenario?

    9. Substance Use
    How often do you consume any substance excessively, leading to conflict with family, hindrance in personal growth, health issues, or occupational problems?

    10. Memory and Confusion
    How often do you forget things more than previously, or get confused about time, place, and person?

    Total Value: 0/40

    0-10: Low level of concern; your responses suggest you might not be experiencing significant issues in the areas assessed.
    11-20: Mild level of concern; you may be experiencing some difficulties in a few areas.
    21-30: Moderate level of concern; your responses suggest noticeable difficulties in several areas that may require attention.
    31-40: High level of concern; it appears you are experiencing significant issues in many areas assessed. Seeking professional advice might be beneficial.
    Remember, this scale is a general tool for self-assessment and not a professional diagnosis. If you are experiencing distress or significant problems in your daily life, consider reaching out to a mental health professional for a comprehensive evaluation and support.

    This mental health assessment questionnaire helps evaluate a person’s overall mental health. If you have any mental health problems. You can consult a good psychiatrist Dr. Gorav Gupta. He has more than 25 years of experience in the Psychiatry field.

    Why choose this mental health assessment test?

    Our online mental health assessment tests can assist in making sense of your emotions and may serve as a first step toward receiving the right help.

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