Personality Disorder


Each person is born with a unique personality. Personality is combination of your behavior, thinking and attitude towards the outside world. Personality forms during childhood and is influenced by genetic factors and environmental factors.

Personality disorder is characterized by rigid, stubborn unhealthy and dysfunctional behavior and thinking. .A person with a personality disorder has trouble at work place, relationships, social interaction and at school.

Personality disorder may also go untreated as people accept that this is his normal behavior.

Cluster A personality disorders

This includes paranoid personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder and schizotypal personality .The most important features are by odd, eccentric thinking or behavior.

Cluster B personality disorders

This includes antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. They are characterized by emotional, erratic, unstable and dramatic behavior and thinking

Cluster C personality disorders

This includes avoidant personality disorder, dependent personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. These people generally show anxious and fearful behavior and thinking.

If signs or symptoms indicate that there is a personality disorder, see a mental health professional. Untreated personality disorders can lead to significant problems in patient’s life. They can become dysfunctional, get engaged in unlawful activity or start using substance.


Personality disorders treatment may require months or years and it should be customized according to person’s needs . Treatment includes

  • Medications
  • Psychotherapy
  • Hospitalization

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