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This is a story of Mr B, he had been brought to Tulasi in intoxicated state, he was aggressive, violent, and

verbally abusive, asking for heroin and he had severe pain in stomach.

When the team met his parents, they looked very devastated, they were pleading to save their child.

What was Mr B’s story, why were his parents so helpless, to know more we will go through his


A young boy 12 years, brilliant student, active participant in curricular activities, tried to explore about

alcohol with friends, just for fun that how the taste was. So one of his friends used to bring some sips of

alcohol by his father’s bottle every day. One day they decided that to collect those sips in bottle so there

will be more to drink, and became there routine after classes. And after 10 days they had 1 bottle full of

alcohol. They equally divided and consumed it, for them it was the most pleasurable feeling. You must

be thinking that exploration, that fun was over, “NO”, after that it started. Mr B collected his pocket

money for one week to buy a beer and cigarettes, and it became his habit, every weekend he did that. It

was 13 th birthday when he asked his parents to increase his pocket money, his parents agreed. And then

he was getting Rs 4000/- per month, so every day he used 20 cigarettes and on alternate days alcohol, it

went on like that till his school. His parents noticed some changes in his behavior that he was more

demanding, irritable and argumentative but he was good in studies, so they didn’t say much. He got his

admission in one of the most prestigious college, he asked his parents that he wanted to live in hostel,

they agreed. You must be thinking that he wanted to focus on studies, again it’s a “NO”, when he visited

the hostel he saw that alcohol and drugs are easily available in hostel, that’s why he asked to stay in

hostel. For him it was heaven, it was a land of pleasure. He started smoking hash, there 2 joints per day

later it increased. One day his friend asked if he wanted to try something new, he happily agreed, and

what was that new thing???? It was heroin. The first intake of it took him to another world. He used to

take it everyday, it became his routine and his world revolved around heroin. He stayed in hostel and

didn’t attend any class. He asked for more and more money from parents. Parents doubted that why

was he asking for that much money, he didn’t need it. When he visited home his mother found some

powder kind of thing in his jeans’ pocket. When they checked him, he threatened that he would commit

suicide if they wouldn’t give him money. They refused to give him any money and sent him back to his

hostel. He then made a plan to buy heroin from Malana, Himanchal Pradesh, where he can get it in less

rate and will sell it in higher price in his college. He did that to make more money to buy heroin for him.

And that day came when cops arrested him with drugs and called his parents. He was in intoxicated

state, somehow they managed to get him free. But soon they realized that he needed some treatment

because the condition wasn’t in there hands. They came to Tulasi where he was diagnosed with Mental

and Behavioural disorder due to Cannabis, Opioid and Alcohol.

Things to know-

Mr B was an teenager, according to NIDA, an adolescent brain is more prone to get addicted to

substance because the rational thinking is not properly developed till the age of 18.

So in Tulasi got different therapies according to his age.

He had been given social, vocational and educational reinforcement so that he can replace influence of

substance. He had been taught to anticipate problems and develop effective coping stratigies. He

explored negative and positive consequences of substance. he had been given thjose therapies which

provide to earn low cost incentives, because the goal was to weaken the influence of reinforcement

derived from using drugs.

So it’s very important to know that there are more harmful consequences if substance is started at a very early stage.

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