Top 10 Tips to Improve Mental Well-being by Psychiatrist in Gurgaon

Mild cough and cold and we book an appointment with the doctor. Our parents, relatives, friends and even acquaintances give us loads of advice on how to keep our bodies healthy and well. Health magazines, TV advertisements, social media offer us medicines, health tips, changing food habits and lifestyle and what not to improve our body health and stay well. Wait a second!! And what about our mental health!! Nobody cares to talk about mental health. And when we approach our near and dear ones about our mental health issue, they either give us a nasty look or advice to get admitted to the asylum.

As per latest research report, approximately more than 1 in 10 Indian adults experience some form of mental illness while in India close to 60 to 70 million people suffer from mild or serious mental disorder with over 2.6 lakh cases of suicide in a year. But what psychiatrist advice is some simple changes in the life style of an individual in combination with few medicines can improve mental well-being. Psychiatrist throughout the world including those in India particularly in Gurgaon prescribe being nice to yourself, maintaining a healthy food habit, exercising regularly and consume few medicines if required to improve mental well-being. What scientific research has revealed that synchronization between the body and mind is essential for the total well-being of an individual! Thus treating mental illness as a stigma can never improve the well-being of an individual and whenever anybody approaches you for your advice or help for treating mental illness, extend your helping hand to give the individual the required support for a better and healthy life.

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Symptoms of Mental Illness

Though the symptoms of mental illness varies depending on the individual, circumstances, type of disorder, etc. some of the popular symptoms of mental illness identified by psychiatrist in Gurgaon are listed below:

  • Feeling depressed or unhappy
  • Sleep disorder
  • Extreme mood changes from very high to very low or vice-versa
  • Reduced ability to concentrate
  • Being quiet or withdrawal from social life
  • Feeling guilty or worthless
  • Significant feeling of tiredness, or low energy
  • Change in behaviour or feelings

Whenever you come across an individual with any of the above symptoms, do not ignore but extend your helping hand by either taking him/ her to any psychiatrist in Gurgaon or suggest names of renowned psychiatrist in Gurgaon namely Dr. Gorav Gupta for faster and better results. Though advice offered by psychiatrists in Gurgaon may vary, while some rely on major changes in the life style of an individual while some others prescribe medicines to cure the patient.

Top 10 tips to improve mental well-being as prescribed by psychiatrist in Gurgaon are listed below:

  1. Value Yourself: The foremost thing that psychiatrist in Gurgaon advice is to avoid self-criticism and being compassionate with oneself. In times of feeling low, you might not be in the mood to congratulate or compliment yourself, but psychiatrist believe that being kind and respectful in such situations, help reduce stress and thus improve mental well-being.
  2. Eat Healthy: This may sound odd at the first place but psychiatrist in Gurgaon advice that eating healthy and nutritious food, especially green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits can help improve mental well-being. Drink plenty of water and avoid tobacco and alcohol. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon also suggest that healthy eating does not only mean eating nutritious food but having a healthy attitude toward food. Go for dinner with your friends on weekends, trying new cuisines and not to be obsessed with street food.
  3. Exercise: Not only psychiatrist in Gurgaon but also scientific research has found out that exercise help reduce depression and anxiety which in turn improves mental well-being of an individual. A brisk walk during early morning or climbing staircases can also reduce stress if you are unable to take out some time from your daily routine for exercise. On the other hand, exercising regularly help boost an individual’s mood, increase concentration and help keep away symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  4. Sleep Well: Psychiatrist in Gurgaon prescribe 8–10 hours of sleep per night for teenagers and over 7 hours for individuals aged above 20. Psychiatrist believe that not only the duration of sleep is important but the quality of sleep also plays vital role in improving the mental well-being of a human being. Research reveals that lack of sleep contributes to a high rate of depression in college students. 
  5. Connect with Others: Psychiatrist in Gurgaon believe that individuals with strong family or social connections have greater mental well-being compared to those who lack a support network. Share your joys and sorrows with your family members and friends. Even a casual friendly hello to a stranger can boost positive feelings, help ward off anxiety and depression, and makes an individual feel that he/ she is connected to others.
  6. Quiet your mind: Practise meditation. This may help an individual feel calm and enhance the effects of therapy.  Psychiatrist in Gurgaon suggest relaxation exercises and prayer which can improve state of mind and outlook on life of an individual.
  7. Pen down ways to relax: Psychiatrist in Gurgaon advice their patients to practise unwinding and staying calm. Experts suggest to write down a list of ideas for positive ways that can de-stress an individual. Nurturing your hobbies, playing with your pet, take a nature walk are different ways to relax oneself and improve mental well-being. Do not forget to laugh and see the humour in life.
  8. Set Realistic Goals: Statistics shows that running after unrealistic, unachievable goals can invite depression and anxiety in an individual. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon advice their patients to aim high but be realistic. Experts suggest to list down the steps to achieve your academic, professional and personal goals and progress towards them in a realistic manner to avoid stress in times of failure.
  9. Work on your Strengths: Every individual is well-aware of his/ her strengths and weaknesses. Thus psychiatrist in Gurgaon advice to work on your strengths which help build confidence and thus improve mental well-being.
  10. Break up the monotony: Though sticking to a strict routine make us more efficient and enhance our feelings of security and safety, at times this becomes monotonous and may invite depression in an individual. Sometime a little change in the pace of our daily routine viz. altering your jogging route, trying food in a new restaurant will break the monotony and improves our mental well-being.

Though it has not yet been discovered, who coined the words ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, but it is actually true. We all have our fair share of good and bad times in our life but the one who enjoys life as a journey and not a race stand out amongst the crowd.

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