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When medical expertise is defined, Tulasi Healthcare is a name that is prominent among top psychiatrists in Delhi NCR region. With over 20+ years of expertise and 25+ hyper-specialized staff bringing in years of training and experience, Tulasi Healthcare is the vision of Dr. Gorav Gupta & Dr. Ruchika Gupta. With their combined expertise, the initiative has grown to be a multi-specialty mental health care facility with 200+ beds and over 50000+ satisfied patients. Our reach into the world of mental health care is defined by over 100+ visiting consultants on a daily basis to impart psychoeducation and provide treatment to our wide variety of clients.

Dr. Gorav Gupta- top psychiatrist in Delhi

With a clinically prestigious background, our CEO Dr. Gorav Gupta is an alum of Maulana Azad Medical College, and pursued his MD from Lady Hardinge Medical College in 1997. A pioneer in the world of psycho-social rehabilitation in psychiatry, he has garnered over 20+ years of experience to make his place in the top 10 psychiatrist in delhi region.

As the president of Mental Research Society, his accolades make him a top psychiatrist in new delhi.  Currently, he runs a 100 bed psychiatry and de-addiction center known as Tulasi Psychiatry & Rehabilitation center, a 50 bed- halfway home known as Tulasi Home for patients with chronic mental illness and a psychiatric center which are all in South Delhi.

For more than 15 years, the initiative has been running smoothly  and is well known for treatment modules that are immersed in an holistic approach. A 125-bed Psychiatry and Rehabilitation facility  in Gurgaon has also been established in 2019 and has been fully operational since..

Accomplishments over the years-

  • Acted as an  advisor to the Government of India for framing the rules and regulations for Mental Health care Act 2017.
  • An active member of the central mental health committee
  • Enriched member of department of social welfare of delhi government
  • An eminent part of many high-end NGOs and organizations

Where to find a good psychiatrist in Delhi?

Located in the heart of Delhi, Tulasi healthcare is a prominent institution located at Golf Course road. Our expertise is defined by a holistic approach towards the treatment modalities in mental health issues. Our treatment is not just limited to our facility- we are concerned with every aspect of our client’s lives where we are responsible for reinstating them back into the society. Our experts understand the issues and concerns our clients may face during the course of treatment, and hence, each and everyone is empathetically trained to take care of your mental health in the best manner.

Why Choose Tulasi Healthcare for your treatment journey?

  • We provide quality and perceptive rehabilitation facilities for all our clients
  • We walk a step beyond and act in our clients faith with aftercare facilities.
  • Highly specialized residential care facility
  • Recipient of Frost and Sullivan best practices award.
  • In case of insurance- we are active partners at Future Generali & SBI general insurance.
  • 100+ hyper specialized consultants at each facility.

Top Services endorsed by best psychiatrist in delhi NCR

With our highly specialized team, we are able to handle a variety of cases, with a high level of experience in care for each.

  • Tobacco de addiction
  • Cocaine De Addiction
  • Schizophrenia care
  • Marijuana De Addiction
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • CBT behavior modification
  • Alcohol De Addiction
  • Bipolar Disorder Treatment
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) care & treatment
  • Dementia Treatment

Treatment modalities at our facility

Taking meaningful steps towards our client’s well being, we are highly motivated to make sure that every individual receives the best personalized approach according to their diagnosis. Going through our concise care plan, these steps are followed in every manner to ensure proper support.

  • In-depth consultation and pre-counselling to ensure an on-point diagnosis
  • Amplifying rehabilitation through mental support and holistic care
  •  therapeutic approach (12 step therapy)
  • Amplification of recovery with  Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT),  REBT and other holistic recovery oriented therapies modified according to the client’s condition and needs.
  • eastern perspective in treatment practice (meditation, mindfulness practices and yoga) with recreational activities.
  • Psychoeducation on all levels to promote recovery
  • Occupational therapy and rehabilitation to enhance skills and introduce a real change into their lives.

Process after admission of clients

After a patient is admitted to one of our centers for rehabilitation and recovery, various regenerative and targeted therapies are applied, so as to divert the patients from thinking about their addictions and mental health conditions. Yoga, laughter therapy, social gathering, games, routine physical activities with meditative modalities are included in our recovery programs. Family members are made aware of ways to deal with the client’s problems and how they can handle it effectively through family and group therapies.
Psychosocial rehabilitation guides a person in transforming & introducing changes to their cognition, goals, belief patterns, skills and self esteem. Due to these changes, a patient no longer perceives themselves as someone suffering from a mental health issue or as a liability, but regards themselves as a person who can live a meaningful gratifying life, so as to contribute to their individual growth.

Key Features of Our Rehabilitation Program:

  • Timely  screening and intervention with on-going consultations
  • In-depth assessment and customized  treatment plan.
  • Rapport building  with patients through the carrot and stick approach (rewarding wanted behavior and undermining unwanted behavior can improve treatment outcomes).
  • Social skills training: The basis for cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Aftercare and continuous follow ups with patients

Willing to approach a better lifestyle? We’re here to help

The right time to speed up – is now.  develop the insight you need to set out on your transformative journey & we’re here to help. Psychiatric issues are very hard to deal with, especially without the right kind of care and support. Early intervention with one of the best psychiatrist in delhi ncr might be your first point of care and support that you need to beat the pangs of growing issues.

The right kind of support comes by very rarely. Our dedicated team is ready to connect with necessary resources to get you started on your rehabilitation journey.

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