Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Withdrawal Management

Alcohol Addiction is a severe circumstance- it has the potential to tear families apart, ruin life prospects and possibly damage the potential of a healthy life altogether.

Addiction comes with a lot of vices that take a toll on the individual’s physical and mental health in a very adverse manner. Alcohol addiction in particular, has an adverse effect on the population in a country like India. Looking at the numbers, about 14.6 % of people suffer from alcohol addiction. (1) But it is merely a few of them that develop the insight to see it as an actual problem and take a step forward to recover for good.

Many suffer; endure at the expense of devastating circumstances. With Tulasi Healthcare, we maintain the integrity of understanding the value of a life and pledge our best to our clients.

Alcohol addiction treatment is thoroughly taxing on the client itself; but it also takes a huge toll on the family members and the support their loved ones have to extend. For this particular reason, it is important for everyone to understand the course of treatment. Preparing for this journey gives a tremendous boost to the motivation you can provide to your loved one.

What are the 5 stages of Alcohol addiction treatment?

The stages of addiction recovery aren’t always what they seem; the amount of time one spends in them varies from person to person. Our highly experienced and trained staff are always advised to follow certain principles in order to provide a smooth sail in the alcohol addiction treatment journey.  Guidance through the recovery process during addiction treatment is a crucial aspect, and our recovery program follows some basic principles of treatment to manage the crisis better.

It is definitely a great idea to understand these stages for all concerned during the course of treatment to identify and gain self-understanding of their journey. This makes it easier to endure the perils of the treatment, be motivated and stay self-aware. The stages for alcohol addiction treatment are elaborated below for our beloved readers to understand and contemplate upon.

  • Precontemplation stage– The clear lack of insight and the immediate denial of needing treatment marks the key feature of the precontemplation stage. The clients are not yet ready to seek treatment and deny any problems that persist in their life. They think that they are not dependent on alcohol and this alcohol addiction is nothing but a ruse. Some people might stay in this stage for a long period because of their denial and a lack of proper motivation to seek alcohol addiction treatment. Another reason for the same might be previous failures to overcome this stage and failing to develop insight. Such individuals feel that recovery is not in the cards for them and lack of information about addictive behaviors furthers this belief.
  • Contemplation stage- This next phase is marked by the development of an insight, but the action is still in the works. But unlike the last step, they are sure to approach treatment and are aware of its need. This is a critical stage because this is where the role of caregivers and family members comes into place. By carefully considering the client’s mindset, we establish the reason and take a step. We create an environment free of judgment and take the next step.
  • Action Stage- When the acknowledgement of alcohol addiction sets in, the next step is natural- to take action. Checking into an alcohol addiction treatment center and obtaining the best consultation for further course of action is essential. Detox is the most vital stage of recovery from alcohol addiction. It flushes out harmful toxins from the body and begins the healing journey. This withdrawal can be emotionally and physically taxing, and this is where the expertise of Tulasi Healthcare sets in. Our highly experienced team of mental health professionals ensures that they cater to each and every client in the most personalized manner.

Once the detox is over, rehabilitation starts. With the help of various holistic treatment programs that include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and recreational counseling sessions one can experience the infinite support of their loved ones and find the motivation to continue into the next stage.

  • Early Recovery stage- This stage is tricky- simply not because you transition back into your daily routine, but you also test your real temptations. After completing your rehabilitation and detoxification, it is time to resume in the real world. This stage becomes easier if you are in continued touch with what you experienced and learned from your treatment- i.e. the aftercare. You can stay connected for prolonged support and continued motivation by joining community programs and support groups through your rehab center.
  • Long term recovery stage- Reaching here is definitely an accomplishment, simply when you have endured the plight of going through the perilous alcohol addiction treatment. By the time one reaches this stage, they are self-aware. The individual clearly understands how professional help guided them through this recovery and are in constant touch with the importance of knowing what’s right for their well-being.

If you are someone who needs help or seeks treatment for your loved one at the earliest, you’ve made the right choice. Tulasi Healthcare is one of the finest rehabilitation establishments in the Delhi-NCR region providing psychiatric support and holistic treatment plans for a variety of mental health related problems. You make the best decision to overcome your hardships with proper care, ensured by Dr. Gorav Gupta and our team of experts.

We can be of help- every step of the way.

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