Addiction & Its Effects on your Overall Health

Health takes a serious turn when it is encountered with elements that are harmful to it in every sense of the word. Addiction and abuse are two very big issues in maintaining health in today’s lifestyle. Our society today has allowed us to freely use these substances, but the misuse that it brings with it is a big concern. People from all socio-economic statuses are equally grappled by its ill effects. Not only is addiction a social dilemma, but it is also a concern for many individuals that affects their lives in a manner only they can understand.

Why does addiction occur?

When talking about addiction, it rarely depends on any single factor. Addiction of any sort is a result of many factors that play a part in continuation to affect a person. These factors can be social, emotional, occupational, familial as well as genetic and environmental in nature. 

There are risk factors that increase the chances of drug abuse or addiction, and there are protective factors as well that build a shield around these risks and lower the chances of addiction.

Especially when it comes to exposure and genetics, factors can be predisposing. Early interactions within the family and peer groups can add to these factors. Epigenetics and stress inducing environments also trigger such behavior. 

It is important to note that most environmental and peer group situations trigger these behaviors, which is why protective factors like resilient mindset and positive thinking play a very important role in the recovery journey. 

Effects of addiction on the brain

Drugs and alcohol have a drastic effect on the overall functioning of the brain. The core centers are deeply impacted, and it leads to lower cognitive functioning. It affects areas that play a crucial part in maintaining consciousness, lowering anxiety and highly stimulating the brain’s reward circuit. The prefrontal cortex, that is responsible for higher functioning, decision making and control responses, depreciates highly in its function due to addiction. 

Heavy drugs like opiates are highly lethal since they directly affect the brainstem that controls heart rate, breathing and sleeping.

Ill-Effects on Overall Health

Drug use and many illnesses, whether physiological or psychological can co-exist. Some people also get in the spiral of addiction to alleviate themselves from physical and psychotic symptoms that they often experience. Beyond the common issues, there are many developmental and long-term ill effects of addiction due to various substances. 

Liver cirrhosis, memory loss and impaired decision making are just some small issues that accompany addiction. Mental health is severely affected due to this, raising many comorbid disorders along the way. People suffering from addiction can develop severe anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and dissociative issues if the addiction remains unchecked. 

Many still come to our facility with anxiety and depression concurrent with addiction issues, making recovery a difficult process. Exposure to addictive substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and hashish is commonly seen with alcohol, which not only causes the user harm, but also the ones around them. Second hand smoke inhalation is a major problem in young children. 

Due to such issues, our experts have received many cases that have profound effects on the person’s overall life pattern. With one of the best psychiatrists in Delhi, you can receive clear guidance to change the course of your life.

How to approach an effective treatment plan

If we look at addiction, it is definitely treatable, based upon certain factors and the timeline we are presented with. If the client approaches us in the early stages, it is easier for us to navigate and provide treatment. In most cases, addiction becomes a chronic condition from which recovering is just a highly strategic management plan. 

Addiction can be treated effectively with-

  • First line of medication combined with counseling and behavioral therapies combined.
  • Complete detoxification of the substance through medications
  • For highly addictive drugs, medication is not an option. So, aggressive therapeutic treatment is applied.

The treatment usually revolves around this pattern, but it is tailored for the client so that their individual concerns can be addressed and a long term treatment plan can be made.

Since clients enter this treatment journey, it can be a phase of rigorous struggle and lows in every aspect of their lives. This is the reason why an effective treatment plan not only focuses on the recovery aspect, but also on the needs of a person as a whole. Here, the needs are addressed on the level of their social support, emotional checks and familial support to provide them with a sense of security that directs their focus solely on recovery. 

At our facility, our founder Dr. Gorav Gupta has incorporated many holistic treatment modalities in the recovery plans of his clients to help them achieve a sense of wholeness. 

Yoga, meditation, self-help guides and group support is an integral part of our recovery journey. Many psychiatrists Delhi are going forward with these amazing ways and incorporating them to make the lives of their clients better.

Pursuing answer in researches

Our team is always ready to learn and equipped with all the resources to expand their horizons. As a part of many research organizations, Dr. Gorav Gupta has added many growing scientific research-backed techniques and methods to the recovery regimes of addiction treatment, which have brought about many extraordinary results, changing lives for the better.

Starting your recovery journey? We’re here to help.

Seeking help can be a very tedious task, and having a constant and trusted support system definitely speaks for our values as caregivers. Under our expert guidance, you and your loved ones will find the required support and treatment alternatives that are suited best to you. 

Receiving ample healthcare and expert opinion is something that everyone is entitled to, and our team under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Gorav Gupta will provide you with that much needed holistic care options. 

Addiction is a prevailing evil, and our values as humans support our cause to uplift you an the ones that surround you.

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