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5 Habits of A Good Psychiatrist


The role of a psychatrist is of utmost importance when it comes to recovery from mental illnesses and addictions. Until and unless you have a good and reliable psychiatrist, you cannot get rid of these problems on your own. A good psychiatrist is empathetic, patient and has extraordinary skills to understand the mindset of the patient.  A patient will recover only if he has a firm faith in his doctor and trusts him blindly in terms of his treatment and methodologies. We’ve collated a few pointers of habits of some of the top psychiatrist in Delhi who have been successful in treating complex cases of substance abuse and mental problems.

A Good Psychiatrist Is Empathetic: They understand the patients’ requirement and delve deep into their problems by thorough discussions in details. Without being biased, a good psychiatrist listens, understands and find out the real cause of the problem. They are humble and never boast about their knowledge and experience. They are ready to learn every moment and empathize with the patients even if they show negative traits. Empathy is the only factor through which they can form a connection with their patient who will definitely get open up with such kind of a doctor.

They Write Prescriptions Judiciously: Being one of the best psychologist in Delhi NCR, many doctors might write their medicines in the first instance without going deep into the problem.This might not help in the long run as every individual has different problems when it comes to mental issues. One single medicine will not work for everyone. Be cautious of such psychologists as they might not be as interested in your illness as they are into their accounts.

Focuses on Physical Conditions and Correlates It with Mental Issues: Certain diseases like thyroid, Vitamin D deficiency might cause depression and hence, a good psychiatrist will investigate about your every single health problem. He may ask you to undergo a physical examination in order to understand the root cause of the problem. They do not assume rather work on the holistic health of a person. Their questions may require answers to factors like sleep patterns, diet, exercise etc.

They are easily approachable: Unlike Physical illness, mental illness is complicated. Continuous interaction and motivation from your doctor can actually boost your confidence and inculcate a sense of belief that this person is easily accessible and will revert in case of any severe health issue.

Keeps everything in Record: Maintaining reports and keeping a check on the progress of the patients not only helps take the treatment in the right direction but also relieves them from the issue of remembering every single detail of every single patient. A short glance at the medical records and reports will give an overview of the case history and helps the doctor to immediately do the next step. A reliable psychiatric rehabilitation centre has all the records of its patients that will help them monitor their medical progress.

Dr. Gorav Gupta is the best psychiatrist in Delhi, Gurgaon for the treatment of addiction and other mental illnesses.

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