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Handling Child Anxiety Through Psychiatric Help

It is a universal fact that childhood is the most crucial phase of the development of brain among children. One has to understand that the mental health of the child is as important as the physical health of the child. During the growing years, a child is exposed to a series of emotions and situations that can cause stress and anxiety. While some kids attune themselves to the situation, others may feel mental pressure which may take the form of some kind of mental illness or anxiety which is difficult to handle by the parents. In this scenario, only the best child psychiatrist can handle the situation and calm down the child.

Detecting Situational Anxiety Among Children

Generally, children face anxiety in new situations and among new people. When they develop a fear that they might have to experience pain or separation from their parents, they may show signs of anxiety. Certain situations like dropping them off at the school, change in the daily routine or introduction of a new person creates anxiety. Although every child shows signs of anxiety, the level differs in every child. Sweaty palms, crying, nail-biting, headache, stomachache, head-banging are certain symptoms of anxiety that should not be neglected if seen constantly in your child. Top psychiatrist in Delhi suggest that parents should never ignore these symptoms among their child and should take clinical intervention immediately.

Psychiatric Help

Although, anxiety is absolutely normal emotion but in case the child shows a distinct fear of social situations, excessive worry on certain activities and events, shortness of breath without any reason, anxiousness among peers, a decline in the academic performance, habit of repeating activities like hand washing or arranging things, or exaggerated and irrational fears etc., psychiatric help from the best psychiatrist in Delhi is of utmost importance.

There are numerous psychiatric clinic in Delhi with a team of qualified professionals that have immense experience in handling cases of mental illness among children. Taking the aid of therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychiatrists can delve deep into the problem of children and find out the actual reason for the same.  Medication including antidepressant can also be used to treat severe cases of mental illness in children. Dr. Gorav Gupta is one of the reputed doctor for psychiatric Illness in Delhi and is the best person to consult when it comes to handling anxiety disorders among children. Here are a few pointers for the parents suggested by Dr. Gupta to deal with this issue properly.

  • Pay attention to the child’s behavior, notice if anything is different from the regular habits.
  • Handle the situation calmly when you child shows the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Appreciate your child’s progress and achievements to inculcate confidence in them.
  • Do not punish or be harsh on them. Make them understand their mistakes in a constructive manner.
  • Be flexible to gain their confidence.

While handling minor alterations in the behavior is easy as a parent, regular aggressive and anxious behavior calls for medical intervention. Contact a qualified psychiatrist to solve the issue immediately.

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