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Unraveling Personality Disorder

imagesMiss M was admitted in Tulasi with the chief complaints of increased consumption of drugs, aggressive, violent behavior, verbally abusive, mood fluctuations, making big claims, over demanding, keeping everything in a symmetrical manner. So the story starts- Something was different about Miss M since childhood. She was an o
ver pampered child of her father, she was a brilliant student, who had been holding first rank in her class, always a topper. Once she got second rank because she fell ill before exams so she couldn’t prepare much, she threw tantrums at home after her result was out. Family tried …

Why drug abuse is more dangerous for teenagers???

imagesIn the previous article you went through Mr. B’s story, who started taking substance (alcohol/drugs) at a very early age. Now we will go through some facts that why drug abuse is more dangerous for teenagers.

First of all you need to know that why do they indulge easily in abusing drugs-?

  • Feeling of “Grown up”-

Mother (to son) – You can’t come home late. No late night parties.the-teen-brain-8-728

Son (to mother) – Mom, I am “grown up”, I can do whatever I feel like.

It is a most common phrase used by teenagers. They want to try everything which …


This is a story of Mr B, he had been brought to Tulasi in intoxicated state, he was aggressive, violent, and

verbally abusive, asking for heroin and he had severe pain in stomach.

When the team met his parents, they looked very devastated, they were pleading to save their child.

What was Mr B’s story, why were his parents so helpless, to know more we will go through his


A young boy 12 years, brilliant student, active participant in curricular activities, tried to explore about

alcohol with friends, just for fun that how the taste was. So one of …